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The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the OnePlus 9 Pro are the two best Smartphones around this moment. However, which one can guarantee the best position as the best Smartphones?

Since it showed up recently, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been a definitive illustration of the multitude of elements and capacities Samsung can bring to a Smartphones. Yet, there’s another big-screen challenger.

Anything the Galaxy S21 Ultra can do, the new OnePlus 9 Pro professes to have the option to improve. Give clients an enormous showcase with a quick invigorate rate? The OnePlus 9 Pro can do that. Keep going quite a while on a charge? No perspiration, OnePlus says. Indeed, even cameras — a long-standing issue with OnePlus telephones — have gotten a great deal of consideration with the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Can OnePlus unseat Samsung from the Android telephone privileged position? To discover, we led an OnePlus 9 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra go head to head. This cell phone fight couldn’t be nearer.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

OnePlus 9 Pro Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Starting price$969$1,199
Screen size6.7-inch AMOLED (3168 x 1440)6.8 inches AMOLED (3200 x 1400)
Refresh rate1Hz to 120Hz10Hz to 120Hz
CPUSnapdragon 888Snapdragon 888
RAM8GB, 12GB12GB, 16GB
Storage128GB, 256GB128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Rear cameras48MP wide (f/1.8), 50MP ultrawide (f/2.2), 8MP telephoto (3x zoom, f/2.4), monochrome lens108MP wide (f/1.8), 12MP ultrawide (f/2.2), 10MP telephoto (3x zoom, f/2.4), 10MP telephoto (10x zoom, f/4.9), laser AF sensor
Front cameras16MP (f/2.4)40MP (f/2.2)
Battery size4,500 mAh5,000 mAh
Battery life (Hrs: Mins)10:38 (60Hz); 10:40 (adaptive)11:25 (60Hz), 10:07 (adaptive)
Size6.4 x 2.9 x 0.34 inches6.5 x 2.97 x 0.35 inches
Weight6.9 ounces8.08 ounces

OnePlus 9 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cost and accessibility

Outside of Samsung’s collapsing Smartphones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most costly Samsung gadget you can purchase, with a beginning cost of $1,199 for the 128GB model. Assuming you need to build that capacity to 256GB, you’ll pay an additional a $50, while a definitive S21 Ultra — which incorporates 512GB of capacity in addition to 16GB of RAM — costs $1,379. That is as yet less expensive than last year’s base model Galaxy S20 Ultra, which appeared at $1,399.

It’s simpler to get a Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is accessible from each major U.S. transporter just as from Samsung. T-Mobile is the main transporter selling the OnePlus 9 Pro in the U.S., however the telephone is likewise accessible through OnePlus and retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and B&H.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra design

Save for the diverse organization logos on the rear of each telephone, the OnePlus 9 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra look a great deal the same. You’ll discover a couple of telephones with unpretentiously bended presentations — the OnePlus 9 Pro’s bend is undeniably less emotional than last year’s OnePlus 8 Pro — without a ton in the method of bezels on the top and lower part of the screen. Flip the telephones over, and you’ll see rectangular camera exhibits in the upper left corner; the camera knock on the Galaxy S21 Ultra looks somewhat less unmistakable on account of a form cut plan in which the cluster mixes into the side of the telephone.

The OnePlus 9 Pro is most likely the simpler of the two telephones to carry around, as it’s marginally more limited and not quite so wide as the 6.5 x 2.97 x 0.35-inch Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung’s telephone tips the scales at 8.08 ounces, in excess of an ounce heavier than the 6.9-ounce OnePlus 9 Pro.

One benefit Samsung generally reigns over OnePlus telephones has vanished. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has an IP68 rating for water opposition, yet so does the OnePlus 9 Pro. That is something OnePlus as a rule avoids on its leaders. (The less expensive OnePlus 9, for instance, doesn’t have such a rating on the off chance that you purchase the opened form.)

the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes in lovely standard Phantom Black and Phantom Silver tones. Purchase the telephone straightforwardly through Samsung, however, and you can fan out into Phantom Navy, Phantom Titanium and Phantom Brown choices. Also, obviously, you have the best Galaxy S21 Ultra cases assuming you need an alternate look and included assurance and components top.

OnePlus takes to a greater extent a risk with shading as opposed to Samsung does, as the OnePlus 9 Pro has only two shading choices — Morning Mist and Pine Green. The previous offers a pleasant mirror-like sheen, however one that can draw in fingerprints. Likewise in certain business sectors, OnePlus locks these tones relying upon which spec you’re purchasing, which may be baffling for certain clients.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra display

It’s a skirmish of progressively invigorating showcases in an OnePlus 9 Pro versus Cosmic system S21 Ultra confrontation. Samsung presented this pattern, first with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and presently with the S21 Ultra. That telephone’s huge 6.8-inch AMOLED board changes the speed at which revives, contingent upon what you’re doing. Exercises like looking over that advantage from a quicker revive rate can make the presentation increase to the most extreme 120Hz speed, while more static exercises make the S21 Ultra’s screen drop down to 10Hz.

Be that as it may, the OnePlus 9 Pro provisions a similar LTPO innovation in its 6.7-inch show. The invigorate range is significantly more extensive here than on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, with the OnePlus 9 Pro fit for downsizing to 1Hz.

The OnePlus 9 catches a greater amount of the DCI-P3 shading range — 84.9% to the S21 Ultra’s 81.4%. Those tones are more precise, as well, given the OnePlus 9 Pro’s Delta-E rating of 0.20 versus a 0.3 rating for the S21 Ultra. (Numbers more like zero are more exact.)

Where the Galaxy S21 Ultra recovers an edge over the OnePlus 9 Pro is in exactly how splendid its screen gets. Estimating 722 nits, the OnePlus 9 Pro is a long way from faint. In any case, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is considerably more brilliant at 821 nits, guaranteeing that you’ll see all of that show in any event, when you’re in splendid daylight.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra cameras

Past camera rivalries including Samsung and OnePlus haven’t been a very remarkable battle. Samsung leads will in general routinely rate among the best camera telephones accessible, while OnePlus’ cameras have battled to keep up. Be that as it may, the OnePlus 9 Pro acquaints another bend with this long-standing contention, with OnePlus collaborating with photograph expert Hasselblad to work on its cameras.

This includes something beyond stepping Hasselblad’s name close to the back focal points on the OnePlus 9 Pro (however that marking is surely there). All things considered, the OnePlus 9 Pro advantages from upgrades to shading adjustment that OnePlus and Hasselblad have dealt with together.

Going toward the cameras on the Galaxy S21 Ultra absolutely requires an additional a work. Samsung’s telephone highlights four back shooters — an enormous 108MP principle sensor, alongside a 12MP ultrawide point focal point and a couple of 10MP zooming focal points offering particular zooms of 3x and 10x. Interestingly, there’s a solitary 8MP zooming focal point on the OnePlus 9 Pro with its very own 3x zoom. You likewise get a 48MP primary camera and 50MP ultrawide point focal point just as a committed monochrome camera that, to be honest, doesn’t add a lot to the image.

We quickly see the advantage of OnePlus’ emphasis on further developed shading with this photograph of a leafy foods stand. The OnePlus 9 Pro’s shot is dynamic, yet at the same time sensible, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra over-soaks the green peppers, which likewise show up somewhat out of concentration.

Moving outside for a nearby shot of a blossom, the S21 Ultra makes up for itself. In the S21 Ultra photograph, the blossom is in sharp concentration, and the S21 Ultra gets little subtleties like dots of water on the leaf. The OnePlus 9 Pro photograph isn’t awful, yet those subtleties don’t actually stick out, as the green leaves behind the scenes appear to mix together.

Low light photographs were one region where we truly spotted irregularities when testing the OnePlus 9 Pro and that is proceeded in the OnePlus 9 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra go head to head. The streetlight in the OnePlus shot is over-uncovered and the night sky around looks fluffy thus. Things are set into a lot more honed help in the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s photograph where the lights don’t victory subtleties surrounding them, and the yellow tints from the streetlamps loosen up across the grass.

Testing out the representation components of the particular camera telephones, it’s something of a shot in the dark. My associate Mark stands apart somewhat better against the foundation in the OnePlus 9 Pro shot, yet aside from his dazzling blue shirt, there’s a cloudy cast to the foundation. OnePlus likewise appeared to streamline things such that the S21 Ultra didn’t — you can see the folds and kinks in his shirt all the more unmistakably in that photograph. The shading cast looks more normal in the Samsung shot, as well.

For the OnePlus 9 Pro’s ultrawide point shooter, OnePlus utilized a freestyle focal point that should eliminate a portion of the twisting found around the edges of wide-point shots. I can’t actually say that is in proof in this specific shot of a lake, yet I have seen improved ultrawide shot examinations somewhere else that exhibit the OnePlus 9 Pro’s ability in keeping that curve out of photographs. I simply figure the OnePlus 9 Pro makes a superior showing keeping the whole picture in center — perceive how the dock examines the two shots — regardless of whether the bluer sky in the S21 Ultra photograph is more alluring.

We maximized the zoom on the two cameras to 30x to see which zooming focal point you’d trust. Neither one of the photoes is actually a champion, yet the Galaxy S21 Ultra handles tones better — that cloudy cast has gotten back to the OnePlus shot — and everything’s in a little better center on account of the Zoom Lock include that can consistent your shot from a long way away.

Generally speaking, I think the Galaxy S21 Ultra ends up as a winner in this camera go head to head, however it’s a lot nearer than past OnePlus versus Samsung confrontations. The OnePlus 9 Pro components the best cameras OnePlus has placed in its telephones, and that is in plain view here.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra performance and 5G

“Ultra” doesn’t really signify “extreme.” While the Galaxy S21 Ultra performs very well on benchmark tests, it doesn’t discernibly beat the OnePlus 9 Pro. Truth be told, on certain tests, the OnePlus 9 turns in the better numbers.

That is not actually an amazement, as the two telephones are controlled by a Snapdragon 888 framework on-chip, the best silicon Qualcomm has to bring to the table nowadays. Samsung increases that handling stage with either 12GB or 16GB of RAM. OnePlus 9 Pro clients get either 8GB or 12GB.

On Geekbench 5, the two telephones can coordinate with one another step for step in the single center test, as the Galaxy S21 Ultra turned in a 1,123 score to the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 1,126. The OnePlus handset pulls ahead withe multicore execution, coming to 3,685 on Geekbench to the S21 Ultra’s 3,400 outcome.

Illustrations are likewise uniformly coordinated, in view of the aftereffects of 3D Mark’s Wild Life Unlimited Test. Here, the S21 Ultra turned in a 34.4 casings each subsequent score, basically tying the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 34.5 FPS result. As such, you’re basically getting a similar presentation from one or the other telephone — an imprint in the OnePlus 9 Pro’s approval since it’s almost $250 less expensive than its Samsung rival.

Be that as it may, the Galaxy S21 Ultra holds an edge over the OnePlus 9 Pro with regards to 5G network. You can utilize Samsung’s telephone on any 5G organization in the U.S. The OnePlus 9 Pro is somewhat more limited. It turns out completely great with T-Mobile’s 5G, however not under any condition with AT&T 5G.

After this OnePlus 9 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra go head to head initially showed up, Verizon and OnePlus declared that the OnePlus 9 Pro will chip away at Verizon 5G — both the more slow cross country network just as the quick Ultra Wideband 5G Verizon has dispatched in excess of 60 urban communities. The less expensive OnePlus 9 will not work with Ultra Wideband, Verizon says.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra battery and charging

The Galaxy S21 Ultra would appear to have an edge in battery life, considering that it’s fueled by a 5,000 mAh battery to the 4,500 mAh power pack inside the OnePlus 9 Pro. What’s more, certainly, the S21 Ultra endured quite a while on our battery test, in which we have telephones surf the web constantly over cell (5G for this situation) until they run out of force. With a period of 11 hours and 25 minutes, the Galaxy S21 Ultra keeps going long enough to arrive on our best telephone battery life list.

Be that as it may, there’s a major proviso there. We got that enduring outcome when we set the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s invigorate rate to 60Hz. Empowering the powerful presentation include ate up more battery life, with the S21 Ultra enduring 10 hours and 7 minutes on that test. That is still great.

Nonetheless, it’s not quite as great as the 10 hours and 40 minutes that the OnePlus 9 Pro endured with its dynamic presentation include turned on. Setting the OnePlus 9 Pro to a 60Hz invigorate rate really brought down the outcome by 2 minutes to 10 hours and 38 minutes, which is perplexing.

Notwithstanding, the S21 Ultra figures out how to win the battery life fight, since it obviously can endure altogether longer than the OnePlus 9 Pro.

On the off chance that the OnePlus 9 enjoys a slight benefit as far as battery life, it has a major edge over the Galaxy S21 Ultra with regards to re-energizing the battery. OnePlus furnished this telephone with WarpCharge 65T innovation which basically fueled up the OnePlus 9 Pro after only 30 minutes. (It got the telephone’s to 98%, assuming you need to fixate on silly trifles.) The OnePlus 9 Pro additionally upholds 30W remote accusing of the right charging frill.

That remote speed is quicker than the 25W charging speed that the Galaxy S21 Ultra offers. Following 30 minutes of charging, our S21 Ultra battery was at 56%, well behind the OnePlus 9 Pro. Furthermore, we needed to supply our own charger — the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t deliver with one.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra software and special features

Expressly speaking, I favor the Oxygen OS work of Android that OnePlus utilizes in its telephones over Samsung’s One UI skin. OnePlus’ methodology looks cleaner and feels more like an unadulterated Android experience. I’ve likewise never gotten used to the adjusted, enormous symbols that Samsung favors on its telephones.

Notwithstanding all that, Samsung has an edge over OnePlus that steers clear of the product. First off, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the primary telephone outside of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series to help the S Pen pointer. (You purchase the pointer independently for $40 and you’ll require a case to store it in, as there’s no spot on the actual telephone to store your new S Pen.)

Then, at that point, there’s the not insignificant matter of Android support. Samsung says it will uphold three significant Android refreshes alongside four years of safety refreshes. That is a year longer than whatever OnePlus guarantees for both programming updates and security.

OnePlus 9 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra verdict

By the thinnest of margins, the Galaxy S21 Ultra noses its way past the OnePlus 9 Pro as the By the most slender of edges, the Galaxy S21 Ultra noses its far beyond the OnePlus 9 Pro as the best Android telephone you can purchase. In spite of the OnePlus 9 Pro coming nearer to Samsung’s crown than at any other time, the S21 Ultra actually wins out, prominently in the camera and programming support office.

OnePlus 9 Pro Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Price and availability (10 points)8 6
Design (10 points)87
Display (15 points)1415
Cameras (20 points)1517
Performance and 5G (20 points)1516
Battery life and charging (15 points)1413
Software and special features (10 points)79
Overall (100 points)8183

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s tight success shouldn’t dark the way that the OnePlus 9 Pro remaining parts an incredible telephone. Also, for some individuals, the S21 Ultra will be the better decision in any OnePlus 9 Pro versus Samsung Galaxy S21 choice. Other than the somewhat better cameras, the S21 Ultra offers a more brilliant, greater presentation, and it’s simpler to associate with 5G organizations on Samsung’s telephone. The additional extended time of Android support is likewise great assuming you need to clutch your telephone longer.

However, amazing execution with its Snapdragon 888 processor and overflowing measures of RAM — also noteworthy battery life and ultra quick charging — make the OnePlus 9 Pro an extremely convincing telephone. The way that the cameras are presently in a similar discussion as probably the best camera telephones out there put forth a defense for OnePlus. However, Samsung is as yet ruler for the best Android telephone, regardless of whether its crown is firmly challenged.

We can hardly wait to perceive how this sort of contest will take care of business for 2022. Shockingly neither telephone creator seems to dispatch another enormous telephone this year. Samsung has everything except affirmed the Galaxy Note 21 isn’t occurring, in addition to it’s reputed that the OnePlus 9T isn’t going on all things considered. So assuming you need to purchase the best Android telephone of 2021, it resembles these will be the main two competitors. Except if the Google Pixel 6 shocks everybody.

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